In Lei BROW LIFT 1 fl. 30ml Permanent eyebrow makeup

The Italian company In Lei never ceases to amaze with its chic preparations for the masters of the beauty industry.

Perfectly styled, soft and manageable eyebrows are a reality.

Now we present to your attention the composition number 1 for brow Lift. It is the consummate assistant who perfectly and safely prepares the hairs for the Brow Bomber brow lamination procedure.

The components of # 1 composition softly, reliably, and most importantly delicately penetrate into the hair. The drug softens the hair, makes it obedient, thereby preparing it for the second composition, and guarantees an ideal result.

The specially developed formula of the drug makes the procedure comfortable for the client. After all, now he can sit comfortably in a chair, because the composition has a thick consistency and does not spread during the procedure.

For use exclusively with InLei BROW LOCK 2.

Well-thought-out, convenient and economical packaging ensures minimum waste of the substance and effectively protects against external factors.

Mode of application:

1. Clean your eyebrows, for this you can use a delicate foam from Ying Lei

2. Degrease eyebrows with In Lei saline solution

3. Gently comb your brows in the desired direction.

4. Apply, with a brush, composition No. 1 evenly on the hairs

5. Leave the composition on the hairs for a while:

6-8 min (for fine hairs)
8-10 min (for medium-density hairs)
10-12 min (for thick dense hairs)
In some cases, additional exposure time of the composition may be required.

6.Remove the eyebrow makeup with a dry cotton swab

Ingredients: aqua (water / eau), ammonium thioglycolate, cetanol alcohol, myristyl alcohol, lauryl alcohol, ceteareth-20, ceteareth-30, lycerin, ammonia, tetrasodium edta, benzyl benzoate, tocopheryl acetate, parfum (fragrance),

Important! For eyebrow treatment only. It is strictly forbidden to use the composition on the eyelashes, this can lead to serious damage to the eyes. It is recommended to make an allergy test before the procedure.

Recommended for professional use by masters who have been trained and know all the intricacies of the eyebrow lamination procedure!

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