KRAFT-PACKAGE 75*150mm white Set 100 pcs PBSv ALVIN

KRAFT-PACKAGE 75*150mm white Set 100 pcs PBSv ALVIN

 Kraft package for sterilization 75*150 mm 100 pieces AlVin are designed for steam and air sterilization.

 Manufactured from waterproof paper, self-adhesive, easily permeable to appropriate sterilizing agents, impermeable to microorganisms when closed, and remain intact after sterilization by an appropriate method.

 On the outside of the package, a class 1 indicator is applied (after the procedure, the color changes), which is very convenient for determining the effectiveness of sterilization.

Recommendations for the use of kraft bags:

  • it is necessary to fill the bags on a flat surface, the tools are placed horizontally;
  • before use, you should check the integrity and integrity of the seams of the package, as well as make sure that the packages are strong;
  • instruments must be cleaned with a disinfectant solution and dried thoroughly before being placed in the package;
  • it is impossible to completely fill the packages, a maximum of 75%;
  • after placing the manicure / pedicure tools, remove the strip from the adhesive layer, bend along the edge of the perforated line, press firmly and smooth.

The shelf life of sterility is up to 50 days.

Color: white

Size: 75mm*150mm

Quantity: 100 pcs

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