LASH SECRET composition for lamination A Strong sachet 0.8g

Preparation for the first stage of eyelash lamination using STRONG LASH SECRET technology.

Lash Secret Strong lamination is the perfect solution for the toughest and thickest eyelashes. Strong compositions have a more plastic texture, therefore they are consumed much more economically, and act about 2 times faster than Restart analogues.

Composition A of the Lash Secret Strong series is intended for the 1st stage of lamination - reconstruction, during which it:

  • lifts the cuticle scales and facilitates the penetration of active ingredients deep into the eyelash,
  • blocks protein-protein disulfide bonds to give the hair pliability before laying on curlers,
  • saturates the hair with a complex of 13 amino acids and restores the keratin structures of the eyelashes.

Unlike its Lash Secret Restart counterpart, A Strong contains thioglycolic acid, which strengthens the blocking of disulfide bonds and softens more keratin structures. A complex of 13 amino acids in the preparation penetrates deep into the structure of the eyelash and reconstructs it from the inside, restores polypeptide bonds in keratin fibers, fixes the necessary moisture and nutrients inside the eyelash. Therefore, eyelashes are easily laid out on curlers without damaging the structure.

ATTENTION! The product is not intended for weak and thin eyelashes!

PH level: 8.5-9.0

Shelf life unopened: 36 months

Expiration date unopened: 4-6 months

Volume: 0.8g

South Korea

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