LASH SECRET composition for lamination B Strong sachet 0.8g

Preparation for the second stage of eyelash lamination using STRONG LASH SECRET technology.

Lash Secret Strong lamination is the perfect solution for the toughest and thickest eyelashes. Strong compositions have a more plastic texture, therefore they are consumed much more economically, and act about 2 times faster than Restart analogues.

Composition In the Lash Secret Strong series, it is intended for a 2-stage renovation lamination, during which it:

  • restores disulfide bonds blocked by composition A and restores elasticity to eyelashes,
  • fixes amino acids and other nutrients in the keratin fibers of the eyelash,
  • fixes the curl,
  • covers cuticle scales,
  • protects the structure of the eyelashes before dyeing and improves the adhesion between the pigment and the cuticle after dyeing.

As in Lash Secret Restart, the Strong composition acts due to the strongest cationic-anionic bonds between polymers (polyquarternium-10) and ciliary keratin, which maximally securely fix nutrients in the structure of the eyelash and increase its volume. Hydrogen peroxide in B provides a strong and effective but safe recovery of disulfide bonds after exposure to A Strong.

In addition, the drug contains a range of caring components:

-Avocado oil nourishes the hair with minerals, B vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as a result, prevents drying and brittle hairs, makes them smooth, shiny and flexible.
-Creatine conditions the cuticle, increasing the volume of the eyelashes, and smoothes its surface.
-Hydroxyethyl cellulose forms a protective occlusive film on the eyelashes, and is also an excellent conditioner.
-Disodium phosphate stabilizes pH acidity.
-Conditioners isoamyl laurate and isoamyl cocoate.

ATTENTION! The product is not intended for weak and thin eyelashes!

Shelf life unopened: 36 months

Expiration date unopened: 4-6 months

Volume: 0.8g

South Korea

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