Gloves Medicom Pink nitrile, magenta, size S, pair

Gloves Medicom Pink nitrile, magenta, size S, pair

 Nitrile magenta gloves without powder - gloves that combine all the properties of nitrile and pink color. They are great when you need a combination of chemical resistance and color retention. Ergonomic design provides a snug fit to the hands and increases freedom of movement, resulting in reduced fatigue. Fully textured to securely hold items. Ideal for technical work, as well as for tattooing and cosmetology.

  • type of glove: examination, protective, non-sterile
  • material: nitrile
  • surface: texture at the fingertips
  • powder: absent
  • color: magenta
  • quantity: 1 pair
  • cuff processing: evenly rolled edge
  • shape: universal, suitable for left and right hand
  • size: S (6-7)

Synthetic gloves made from nitrile provide significantly better protection against harsh chemicals than natural latex. Nitrile's puncture resistance and tensile strength are also much higher than latex and other films used in gloves - nitrile has good elasticity, its tensile strength exceeds 500%, and has mechanical memory, which reduces fatigue during prolonged use.

The textured surface provides a secure grip on the tool.
Manufactured in accordance with Directives 93/42/EEC and 89/686/EEC

  • Fully synthetic, free of latex proteins - ideal for people sensitive to latex
  • Extremely strong, elastic
  • Reduced stress on the hands for more comfort, reduced fatigue especially during prolonged use
  • High resistance to a wide range of chemicals, especially hydrocarbons, oils and fats
  • Have good protective properties

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