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Beauty Master - online store of professional tools and cosmetics for beauty masters

Dear beauty team, welcome to Beauty Master, the professional tools and cosmetics online store for beauty masters: brow artists, lami-makers, eyelash extension wizards, permanent makeup artists, and depilators.
Since 2015, professionals have chosen us for professional cosmetics, tools, consumables, and disinfection supplies, all in one place. Beauty Master is the official distributor of many brands with its own warehouse that complies with modern standards for storing cosmetic products.

For Brow Artists and Laminators

For brow and lash correction, tinting, and lamination, you can purchase products from us featuring over 100 brands, including well-known ones such as:

Popular product groups for brow artists and laminators: brow and lash dye, brow henna, lash lamination glue, lamination ingredients, brow Botox, lash serums, brow marking paste, brow degreasers, brow removers, and in our range, there's more than one brow lamination kit and lash lamination kit.

For professional and safe work as a brow artist and laminator, quality tools and accessories are essential. Here, you'll find tools from brands like Staleks, Creator Synthetic, Wobs, Tweezerman, Anastasia Beverly Hills, OKO.

Additional Sales Items for Master's Studio

We know that true professionals are interested in the beauty and care of their clients, in proper care after procedures. That's why we offer home care products in small quantities to masters:

Everything for Eyelash Extensions

Lashmakers pay attention to our reliable online store with brands SCULPTOR and VILMI, as well as the following product categories:

  • lashes for extensions
  • lash extension remover
  • lash extension tweezers
  • lashes glues and boosters for extensions
  • lash degreasers and pre-treatments
  • and also a wide selection of supplies and accessories

Permanent Makeup Masters

The procedure of permanent makeup is gaining popularity. Popular cartridges for permanent makeup KWADRON and Mast Pro are found in the Needles, Cartridges, Tips section. Here, you'll find many materials for marking, anesthesia agents (TKTX, SUSTAINE, B-Caine), healing balms.

Depilation and Sugaring

Materials for depilation and sugaring are constantly improving, and we keep up: here, you can buy the latest waxes for depilation and sugaring pastes, as well as means against ingrown hair, before and after brands Italwax, Lycon, Xanitalia, Serica, ESTI, NSkin, Elenis.
We offer SOS powders and masks, hydrolates, multilamellar emulsions, algae masks, enzymatic powders, and products with SPF.

Consumables at Advantageous Prices

In the Beauty Master online store, you'll find many consumables, even with offers for small quantities, making the economic result of the master's work more tangible.

  • Microsticks
  • Hydrogel patches
  • Nylon brushes for lashes
  • Gloves
  • Spatulas
  • Microbrushes and macrobrushes
  • Covers
  • Applicators

Beauty Master - Registered Trademark in Ukraine

At present, the brand represents:

For Makeup and Home Care

If you are interested in decorative and care cosmetics for personal use, we can offer the following popular products:

Wholesale for Masters

Dear masters, we understand how important the economic component of your work is in our time while maintaining high standards for materials. Therefore, we offer professional cosmetics in small wholesale. By ordering 5, 10, or even 2 units, you are already saving your money. Visit the wholesale section, place your order, and we will be happy to carefully assemble, pack, and quickly ship your order!

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