LASH SECRET lamination compound for C sachets

Lash Secret Lash Secret "Moisture + Nourishment" lash lamination composition designed for the final step of the lamination procedure. At this stage, deep nourishment and hydration are obtained.

Thanks to this, not only their appearance is improved, but also the internal state: the eyelashes become healthier, stronger, shiny, dense.

Instructions for the use of Lash Secret lamination compounds:

  • Place protective eye pads to isolate the lower lashes.
  • Select and install the correct size curlers: (S, M or L). Using special glue, attach the curlers to the upper eyelid as close to the lash line as possible.
  • Lay out your eyelashes using special glue, microbrush, and a multifunctional tool (tweezers or applicator).
  • Apply composition No. 1 "Lifting Balm". It needs to be applied from the root to the middle of the lashes. The exposure time, depending on the thickness of the eyelashes, is from 6 to 10 minutes. After the exposure time, carefully remove the remaining composition with a cotton swab.
  • Apply Volume + Hold Formula # 2 from roots to mid-lashes. Leave it on for 4-6 minutes (depending on the thickness of the client's eyelashes). Remove the remains with a cotton swab.
  • Color your eyelashes with a special paint. Choose a shade taking into account the color type and wishes of the client. The dye allows not only to give color to the eyelashes, but also to visually lengthen them by coloring the colorless tip. Remove paint residues with a microbrush.
  • Apply Moisture + Nutrition Formula # 3 from roots to ends using the Multi-Tool and the Mini-Brush Attachment. Remove the rest of the composition with a microbrush.

Number of procedures: 4

Shelf life: 12 months

Shelf life after opening: 4-6 weeks

Volume: 1 ml

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